ezio's family

Cesare's forces were defeated although their leader had retreated behind the city portcullis. In addition, he was also an extremely enduring and strong athlete, being able to perform all these actions without being encumbered by his large variety of weapons and armor at all.Despite his advancing years, Ezio Auditore's skill and speed as a freerunner increased significantly, being aware of all of his surroundings as well as planning his next move very quickly and carefully, as observed by younger Assassins such as Francesco Vecellio.Ezio's speed and abilities gave him a legendary status among the Roman Thieves Guild, so far as going to convince some of the members to believe that Ezio's freerunning skills were exaggerated, and blatantly impossible for someone his age, forcing him to prove otherwise.Ezio was also capable of tolerating and suppressing his own pain to a point where they would not prevent him from engaging in head-to-head combat if really needed.
Ezio subdued the prince and opened a parachute to save them both.As they both recovered from their rough landing, Ezio and Ahmet saw an army arrive with Selim at its head. Escaping the scene, he returned to the brothel where Antonio and Teodora congratulated him for the success of the assassination. Selim explained that the Sultan had chosen him over Ahmet, and proceeded to strangle his brother and throw him off a cliff. Finding a reprieve in the fight, the Grand Master called for reinforcements and, much to the Florentine's confusion, taunted him for the absence of the "the rest of [his] people". Copernicus thanked Ezio for his aid, and they went their separate ways.After receiving intelligence reports from Claudia, La Volpe and Bartolomeo indicating that Caterina Sforza was being held in the Returning to his base of operations, Ezio decided that in order to free Rome from its Borgia oppression, he needed to involve those who were being oppressed.
He found that the place had been ransacked and Yusuf, whom Ezio had asked to look after Sofia during his time in Cappadocia, had been killed. By the end of the fight, Ezio had not only denounced his fantasy and hypocrisy as the Pope but had soundly defeated him.

At some point, Ezio ran into Manfredo Soderini, finding him barely alive after he had suffered one of these assaults. Ezio was surprised to see that it was By 1504, Ezio had become councilor to Pope Julius II, and was with him when the Pope received word that Cesare Borgia had been successfully handed over to King The following day, Ezio called a meeting with La Volpe, Bartolomeo, Niccolò, and Claudia to discuss rooting out the Borgia diehards who still pocketed Italy. The Piece of Eden told Ezio that the time had come for him to relinquish it, so that future generations might make use of it, and also indicated Before making their way to Naples, Ezio and Niccolò decided to abandon the Apple just at it had requested. However, the Templar Ahmet, knowing of their relationship, dispatched a group of soldiers to kidnap her. To entertain his bedridden friend, Ezio recounted his meeting and short fling with The pair stayed in France for another week, and visited Leonardo often. Infuriated, she rebuked Ezio, blaming him for leaving her behind to marry Manfredo when she had loved Ezio instead. Escorted by her guards, they discussed the Apple and the fact that Caterina assassinated her husband, Ezio and Caterina conversing with the Orsi brothersReaching the Rocca di Ravaldino after some fierce fighting,At this moment, the Orsi brothers arrived before the walls with an ultimatum that they had captured the children and would kill them if she refused to hand over Riario's map and the Apple. Ezio raced back to Tiber Island to stop La Volpe from killing Niccolò.Later meeting with La Volpe inside the Tiber Island hideout, Ezio ordered him to gather the Assassins and bring Claudia as well.

With the arrival of Shortly after his induction, Ezio met with Mario and Niccolò and travelled to Leonardo da Vinci's workshop in Venice, hoping that the artist could shed some light upon the strange artifact Rodrigo had dubbed "Niccolò and Ezio met with Caterina just outside the city of Forlì. At Leonardo's suggestion, Ezio decided to look into the Apple to see if Cesare's threats were true. In response, she feigned apathy towards her children's fate while secretly asking Ezio to save them. After beating up a guard, Ezio learned from him that the guards of the city plan to dump the bodies into the After Leonardo had thanked him, Ezio sought out and assassinated Uberto in the courtyard of the After murdering Uberto, Ezio took the documents that the Gonfaloniere had concealed from him and his father, as well as a letter from Uberto, meant for his wife and son.Now the most wanted man in Florence, Ezio fled the city with his mother and sister in the hopes of making their way to Mario informed Ezio of the existence of the Assassins in an obvious attempt to induct him into the Brotherhood. When Yusuf explained that he needed to meet the different allies of the Assassins as the Mercenaries, the Thieves and the In the Galata headquarters, Ezio examined the Masyaf key and understood that it was an Ezio continued to aid the Assassins in the city while Sofia worked to uncover the location of the remaining Keys. Despite being insecure on whether to trust Copernicus or not, Ezio agreed to deliver the letters.He informed Copernicus that his suspicions were correct, and warned him of his own safety, but Copernicus forewent caution, as he wanted to chronicle an eclipse that night. Ezio, in turn, appointed Niccolò as his trusted adviser, who then recommended he finish what he started.

He became an adept user of the Ezio was a very skilled freerunner from a young age. Cesare made his escape towards Viana Castle, and Ezio was almost overwhelmed by Cesare's guards.

In late 1512, the pair returned to Rome, with Claudia congratulating them on their union. Ezio tracked down Cristina and killed her assailants.

Drawing his second pistol just as rapidly as he had his first, Cesare shot at the Assassin, hitting Niccolò in the shoulder.Ezio briefly thought of pursuit, but Niccolò's injury was severe and required immediate medical attention. According to Minerva, When the Assassin exited the Vault, he found that Rodrigo was already gone but that the Staff of Eden had been left behind. Whispers of book burnings and wanton arrests ordered by the "mad monk" pervaded everywhere as he walked the streets towards the The presence of flames billowing in the middle of the night from the garden of the Palazzo Pitti was the first to draw Ezio's attention, and though he had advised against attacking the palace, this was where he began his hunt.

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