darksiders horsemen

you are the son of Dante you and your father were having a normal day hanging out along with Nero, your uncle Virgil, Trish and lady until the apocalypse happen your family got separated in the chaos you came cross War during when he fist showed up...A/n: hey guys here's the chapter for my darksiders 3 story now I had played the game before thinking on doing this story so why not give it a whirl so let the chapter beginI was sitting in a field looking out the landscape in front of me with this "new pact" was making me quite bored out of my mindFury: hmph dreams more drilling than reality? The four left their brethren and swore loyalty to The Charred Council in exchange for unimaginable power. Humanity can win this war!Although she mentions she doesn't care about mankind and that they were beyond saving, she actually helps a bunch of humans reach Haven at Ulthane's request even though she could have left them to die (if coaxed on by Ulthane offering his own help to her in exchange). as we speak, Earth falls beneath the spears of Heaven and the hammers of Hell.Charred Council: no... while the Charred Council seeks to understand how and why the traitor War has committed this abominable act. Her steed is Rampage.TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. He has been known for being hot headed for battle, but is willing to put his duty before his lust for blood.

but when the task is complete, I demand that you grant me my rightful place leading the Horsemen!Charred Council: if you would trade obedience for a title, so be it.... but never make a demand upon us be fore you leave the Sins have targeted one of the dark knight's grandchildrenFury: you mean the demon knight Sparda never have I thought his children would have kids of their own but why are they targeting one of them?Charred Council: many reasons, but the main one is for the power of the Sparda bloodline and the many weapons known as "devil arms" that he has possessed if they get their hands on him it could be..... dire by Icedemon34 Follow.

Darksiders II follows the exploits of Death, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in a weaving tale that runs parallel to the events in the original Darksiders game. Death's journey led him to the By now the Council was panicking, faster then they could react their targets were slipping out of their grasp, the only one they had left was War and they knew that once he was gone their demonic and angelic charges would be free to do as they pleased. That being said, he still cares for his people as he was outraged by Astarte using Nephelim corpses as her soldiers and kills her when she mocks him and Strife for being kinslayers.The Tree of Knowledge reveals he will die with the Armageddon Blade pierced through him. She is loyal to both her brothers and to the Charred Council.

By whom we cannot say but the Seven roam the Earth free of our prison. She was the Rider of the Black Horse known as Rampage.

After War is killed in the battle, the Charred Council blame him for destroying the balance and starting the apocalypse. I have been wrathful. In that game he sets out to prove his innocence, and it is in Darksiders 2 that Death, his brother, sets out to redeem his brother as well. First among their council given tasks was to travel to the Far Fields where they encountered a agent of the council in the The first actual mission the Charred Council gave them was to kill all the Nephilim. His often stoic and calm demeanor is unsettling to his enemies, and even his allies. or perhaps  your just lazy *starts petting Rampage's muzzle* if I didn't love you so much I'd kill you just for something to do-I then hear the sound of a siren making me stand up curiously knowing it's the sound of the call that I'm hearingI was then summoned by the Charred Council once I made it to the council room I began walking up to meet the Charred Council while hoping for something to doFury: please, please, please tell me your a planet of demons that needs slaying, or two- *walks up to see War in chains* War...?

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